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  • Promaster 100SL Speedlight for Canon

    The PROMASTER 100SL for Canon sports a full complement of advanced features in a small form factor. Its hybrid design gives you the option of an LED light for videos or flash for still photos. The 100SL is well-balanced so...

  • Promaster Speedlight 200SL for Canon

    Includes: 1 200SL speedlight for Canon 1 Speedlight stand for off-camera lighting 1 Soft carry case   General Flash Duration1/800 - 1/20,000 second Color Temperature5600 k Weight15 oz Flash Coverage24 -...

  • Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon Cameras

    The Phottix Mitros is a powerful and durable hot shoe flash that has proven popular since it’s release earlier this year. The Phottix Mitros+ adds significant functionality, allowing photographers to not only use the...

  • Phottix Scott Kelby Mitros+ TTL Flash and Odin TCU TTL Flash Trigger Kit for Canon
    $499.99 $400.00

    The Scott Kelby Mitros+ TTL Flash and Odin TCU TTL Flash Trigger Kit for Canon from Phottixfeatures the Mitros+ TTL flash for Canon, the Odin TCU TTL flash trigger, 10" flash softbox with strap, a...

  • Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT, Shoe Mount Flash, U.S.A. Warranty
    $579.99 $479.99

    Complete with built-in radio transmission wireless functionality, the Speedlite 600EX II-RT sits at the top of Canon's on-camera E-TTL / E-TTL II compatible flash lineup with a powerful guide number of...

  • Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT, Guide Number 141' at ISO 100, 24-105mm Flash Coverage, U.S.A. Warranty

    Canon radio flash capabilities are trickling down from their flagship model with the integration of a 2.4 GHz wireless triggering system with master and slave capabilities in the mid-range Speedlite 430EX III-RT...

  • Promaster FL190 High Power TTL Flash - For Canon

    Feature packed and ready for the demands of the most avid photographer, the PROMASTER FL190 is the tool you will want to have both indoors and out. This powerful flash can be used in the fully automatic TTL mode or in a host...

  • Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Trigger Set with Two Receivers for Canon
    $399.99 $300.00

    The Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Trigger Set provides wireless flash triggering with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II functionality. This set includes the TCU transmitter and two receivers for using multiple flash units. These...

  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

    As a Canon top-of-the-line flash, the Speedlite 600EX-RT takes the best features from existing models and adds functionality for enhanced digital photography. The 600EX features a new wireless...

    $349.99 $150.00

    Adding a whole new level of creativity, the ProMaster Professional FL1 has the power to light up subjects 60 yards away. It also features the custom controls to bounce, fill, and deliver the lighting you want, making it the...

  • Canon 60-T3 Remote Switch
    $59.99 $40.00

    The Canon Remote Switch 60-T3 is an electronic cable release for use with the T70, T90, EOS 650, 620, 750, 850, 630, 1, RT, A2, A2e, 1N & 1N-RS cameras. It is handy for taking pictures of subjects that are...

  • Canon Remote Switch/RS-60E3

    This remote switch, with a 2-ft. cable, replicates all the functions of the camera AEs shutter- release button. Compatible with the Following Models • EOS 60D • EOS 60Da • EOS 70D •...


    The Canon WFT-E6A Wireless Transmitter is an impressive device that boasts several upgrades over earlier permutations. Designed specifically for use with Canon's EOS-1D X, this transmitter offers wireless-only LAN...


    A diffuser creates a softer, more even light from your electronic flash, giving your photos a more natural appearance. ProMaster Dedicated Flash Diffusers attach without the assistance of velcro or tape and are available to...

  • Canon Speedlite 270EX, Flash for EOS (SLR) Camera Systems with Guide Number of 89 Feet / 27m at ISO 100

    The Canon Speedlite 270EX Flash adds power and flexibility for enhanced flash photography anywhere. Light, compact and small enough to fit in your pocket, Speedlite 270EX features 2-step coverage for 28mm and 50mm...

  • Canon MT-24EX, Macro Twin Lite Flash Unit with E-TTL, Guide Number of 78, feet, @ ISO 100

    The MT-24EX is a twin-flash set-up (similar to a ringflash) for the EOS system that has every feature and capability imaginable. Employing Canon's E-TTL, it takes full advantage of the flash performance of the EOS-1V, EOS-3,...


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