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Fast and convenient...That's what a lot of people offer. Fast and convenient with outstanding quality is what sets Bedford Camera & Video apart from everyone else. Bedford's delivers noticeably superior pictures from your film or digital camera - the difference can be amazing.

What makes Bedford's different? Two things. Number one, Bedford's has made a commitment to stay at the cutting edge of film and digital processing. This provides their customers with great looking and long lasting prints. Second, Bedford Camera & Video has some of the best lab personnel to be found. These individuals are committed to the high standards that their customers have come to expect.

Bring your film in today and see the difference.
Bedfords can process 35mm, 110 film, 120 & 220 color, black & white, portra, ultracolor, and E6 film or even scanning in negatives for prints. Bring in your film today for pricing and turnaround times.

With more than 30 years experience in video transfers Bedford Camera & Video can take your old home movies and transfer them to VHS and DVD.  With us, unlike other online services, your priceless memories are never shipped out of state but are done in-house. Media such as 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film were not meant to last forever and your old VHS and BETA tapes will degrade over time.  Bring us your old home movies today and preserve your memories for generations to come! Visit your local store for a price quote on your transfer work today.  


Create your own works of art for your home or office by having your picture enlarged up to 44" wide at Bedford Camera and Video. Bedford's uses the highest quality inks and papers for its large format prints. We can also print on canvas, to create a look that will last you for years.

Order online at or contact your nearest Bedford Camera & Video for pricing and turnaround times.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having your camera go down. Whether there was an accident or something has just stopped working, a broken camera can be a great disappointment. That is where we come in. We will work with you to see your camera repaired and returned to you in the quickest time possible. However, most repair issues take 6-8 weeks. Our authorized repair facilities can handle most types of cameras and repair issues.
Visit your nearest Bedford Camera & Video with your camera and we can help you get the process started.

Today’s digital cameras can store an almost unlimited number of pictures on standardized media such as CompactFlash, Sony Memory Stick, SD, and xD cards.
These portable storage devices can have images saved, deleted, and rewritten to them numerous times. Your images can also be moved from the memory card to a computer via a card reader. Unlike film where a permanent copy is saved as a negative, media cards can have their images deleted either one at a time or bulk erased by formatting.

Accidentally deleting your digital prints from your memory card does not necessarily mean you have lost those precious moments just because you pressed the wrong button. Through the aid of image recovery software, most pictures that were deleted, accidentally formatted, or just plain lost can be recovered.Come see us today and we'll help get those files back

Time and the elements take their toll on your cherished pictures. Bring them into Bedford's, and let our team of digital artists do their best to recreate your print. Our digital artists can also make changes to current pictures to provide new images that you will be able to display with pride. Cost varies due to different levels of damage and labor involved.


The Bedfords app is a free app that lets you upload all of your photos from your smartphone to your Bedfordpix online photo account, where you can store, share, and order prints and thousands of cool photo products through Bedford Camera & Video! You can also view all of your existing online albums on your phone too!

Features include:

• Upload multiple photos simultaneously

• Upload photos at full resolution

• View existing online albums on your Smartphone

• Easily navigate through your photos and albums

• "Settings" and "Pending" screens to view upload details

Don't have a LifePics online account? Our app allows you to quickly create a free account so you can begin uploading all your photos. Once your account is created, you can upload and store as many photos as you want, for FREE! You can then order prints, photo books, calendars, cards, or thousands of other fun photo products.

We do aerial photography both local and nationwide. Jack Bedford, aerial photographer, has been involved with the photo industry for years. With his help, we can get that hard to shoot angle of virtually anything. We provide quality, fast service at low prices.

For more information, contact your local Bedford Camera and Video or call 1.800.333.4280.


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