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The i-Coustics HX-Mi TRRS Mic/Headphone Adapter For Smartphones & Tablets from Azdenis designed to make your Azden microphone compatible with mobile devices. Just plug your Azden microphone into the HX-Mi mic input and attach the cable to the microphone/headphone jack of your device. Plug your headphones into the headphone input of the HX-Mi to listen to recordings. The HX-Mi works with any device with a TRRS jack, including iPhone 3, 4 and 5, iPad (3rd generation and newer), Samsung Galaxy S 3, 4 and 5, Galaxy Tab 3 and most Android devices.

The headphones typically work for playback of recordings and not to monitor the microphone while recording unless you use a recording app with the monitoring feature.

The HX-Mi is compatible with the following products: Azden WR-PRO, WR32-PRO, 105UPR, 310UDR, 330UPR, SGM-990, SGM-DSLR, SMX-5, SMX-10, SMX-20, FMX-DSLR, FMX-22, FMX-32a, FMX-42, FMX-42a

Note: The Azden SMX-5, SMX-10 and SMX-20 are stereo microphones, but will record in mono when using the HX-Mi with your smartphone/tablet. Dual channel receivers such as the WR32-PRO and 330UPR can only output one channel through the HX-Mi cable.

The HX-Mi is compatible with all Azden mixers but will not allow for stereo mixing into your device.

• Makes your microphones and wireless systems work with smartphones and tablets

• Compatible with iPhone 3, 4, 5, iPad (3rd generation and newer), Samsung Galaxy S 3, 4, 5, Galaxy Tab 3 and most Android devices

• Works with most available recording apps

  • azden-i-coustics-hx-mi-trrs-micheadphone-adapter-for-smartphonestablets

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