Camera Accessories

Holdfast Camera Leash | Leather Wrist Strap


Simple, tough, and incredibly useful. Link 2 Camera Leashes to the Money Maker Harness, and comfortably carry a 3rd camera. Use it to steady your gear as you traverse rough terrain. Secure your keys to a belt-loop. Strap a water bottle to your...

Holdfast Money Maker | Bridal Leather - Skinny (Tan)


The Bridle leather MoneyMaker SKINNY is only 1" wide but includes removable shoulder pads. The D rings are removable as well, so you can decide to keep and use them or remove them on your own! The MoneyMaker is made from U.S. native steer...

Interfit Strobies Snoot for XL / XL2 Brackets


The Interfit Strobies Snoot for XL / XL2 Brackets is a great way to narrow the beam from your shoe-mounted flash when mounted to a Strobies bracket. One of the benefits of using the snoot is control of spill light; the light goes where you want...