PROMASTER Stepping Ring 77mm-72mm


A perfect complement to the ProMaster filter line. ProMaster Stepping Rings are precision machined to properly convert the thread size of your filter and/or lens.

ProMaster Stepping Ring 55mm-62mm


A perfect complement to the ProMaster filter line. ProMaster Stepping Rings are precision machined to properly convert the thread size of your filter and/or lens.

Lastolite TriFlip 8 in 1 Grip Reflector Kit - 30"


The Lastolite 30" TriFlip 8 in 1 Grip Reflector Kit begins with the 30" translucent TriGrip collapsible reflector with padded handle. The TriGrip is extremely useful, when shooting solo - without an assistant. The padded handle makes it possible...

Lastolite Ezybox HotShoe Kit (15'' x 15'') w/M2 Bracket


The Ezybox Hotshoe with the all new Mark II bracket (LL LS2414) converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. The Ezybox Hotshoe folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled in a matter of...

Promaster Antique Backdrop 12' - White/Black


This seamless antique pattern backdrop takes you back to the past with its vintage look and feel. Extra heavy fabric with embossed velour designs serve as an elegant backdrop and will add a nice variety to your portraits.

Promaster Camera Release Cable - Canon RS80


The ProMaster Camera Release Cable is a 3' coiled interface cable that works with all of ProMaster's modular remote releases. Use it as a replacement or to add functionality to the ProMaster Remote Camera and Flash Trigger System or the ProMaster Remote...

ProMaster Monopod/Walking Stick


The PROMASTER Monopod/Walking Stick is a handy and versatile accessory. It features an anti-shock design for the ultimate in comfort when using it as a walking stick. The comfortable ball grip unscrews to reveal a 1/4" threaded platform to allow you to...

Promaster SG1000 Remote LED Studio Light

$349.99 $250.00

The PROMASTER SG1000LED Remote Studio Light offers a very high power daylight balanced continuous light while only generating a fraction of the heat of conventional halogen continuous lights. Even though the SG1000LED has an effective output of 1000...

Promaster Digital Circular Polarizing Filter 62MM

$79.99 $45.00

Light rays which are reflected by any surface become polarized. Polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. The Digital Circular Polarizing filter allows you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces...

Promaster Agua Neoprene Camera Pouch - Red Snapper

$9.99 $5.00

The PROMASTER AGUA pouch case is made of soft, durable, elastic neoprene and is ideally suited for digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, portable GPS units and many other active lifestyle devices. • Inside pocket accommodates memory...

Promaster Close Up Filter 62MM

$79.99 $40.00

An economical alternative to a macro lens, PROMASTER offers our CLOSE-UP lens set. The set contains +1, +2, and +4 diopters plus a handy carrying case. CLOSE-UPs offer a world of new creativity and work well with both traditional and digital SLR cameras.

Promaster Universal Lens Hood 62mm

$19.95 $10.00

The PROMASTER SystemPRO Universal Lens Hood is specially designedfor the wide focal lengths required by today’s digital SLR cameras. Its “petal”shape design is instrumental in helping to reduce glare while minimizing thepotential for...

Promaster Duolight 250 Hybrid Flash

$225.99 $185.00

High power flash and continuous lighting all in one package -The ProMaster Duolight 250 Hybrid HDSLR Lighting System offers the ultimate combination - high power flash and continuous lighting all in one package. Perfect for both still and video, this...

Promaster Deluxe TTL Off-Camera Cord - for Sony

$49.95 $18.00

The PROMASTER Deluxe TTL Off-Camera Remote Cord allows you to extend the dedicated operation of your TTL flash when using the flash off of the camera on a bracket or other accessory. Extended working distance - 59"/150cm (approx). Sony/Maxxum Mount