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100. Camera Essentials | Fayetteville


First time digital camera owners learn what it takes to become comfortable exploring their new cameras in this class. We discuss basic camera functions, equipment care, shooting tips, and printing options. “Camera Essentials” is designed for...

102. Introduction to Exposure | Fayetteville


Get out of the Auto modes and take the next step in gaining the foundational skills to become a great photographer!  This class will cover the principles of light and exposure including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, histograms, etc.  We will...

204. Up Close, Macro and Beyond | Fayetteville


Taking close up photographs can lead you into a path of new discovery. Macro photography lends to an infinite number of subjects and can be done virtually anywhere. This hands-on workshop will present the methods and tools it takes to take stunning...

Sony Mirrorless Class | Fayetteville


Tuesday, February 18, 2020 | 6:00pm-8:00pm Learn from a Sony Rep! You'll learn the benefits of and how to use Sony's impressive built-in features and how to quickly access most functions with just one button press. You'll also learn about Sony lenses...

Third Friday Photowalk | NWA


Join our Rogers and Fayetteville instructors for a FREE monthly photo meetup. Network, explore, learn new techniques, and try out some loaner gear.