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Gird List
  • Canon 1000 T3 Extension Cord

    This cable can be used to extend any other T3-type accessory.

  • Elinchrom Dlite RX 4/4 Kit

    The Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4 2-Light To Go Kit is a lightweight, portable strobe kit with two 400W/s D-Lite RX 4 portable flashes, two light stands, a Skyport ELS Speed Transmitter for wireless triggering of your...

  • Elinchrom Honeycomb 3 Grid Set

    This is an Honeycomb 3 Grid Set with 7" Reflector. It includes a 12, 20, and 30° grid and a gel filter holder. Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape and intensity...

  • Elinchrom Quadra Ringflash

    The Elinchrom RQ Ringflash is a dedicated ringlight for Ranger Quadra battery power packs, so you can bring the distinctive "shadowless" ringlight look out of the studio and on location with you. This...

  • Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Reflector Adaptor

    This Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Reflector Adaptor for EL Reflectors is required when using any other reflector in the Elinchrom line other than the Quadra reflectors. It features a built-in, sturdy stand...

  • Elinchrom Rotalux Square Softbox 27x27"

    The Elinchrom 27 x 27" (69 x 69 cm) Rotalux Softbox is designed for the exclusive use of Elinchrom flash heads. The featherweight box features a matte-black crinkle exterior with distinctive gray...

  • Elinchrom Rotalux Square Softbox 39x39"

    The Elinchrom 39 x 39" (99 x 99 cm) Rotalux Softbox is designed for the exclusive use of Elinchrom flash heads. The featherweight box features a matte-black crinkle exterior with distinctive gray...

  • Elinchrom Skyport Battery

    The Elinchrom Quadra Li-Ion Battery is the ideal solution for all existing Ranger Quadra users. With this reduced size battery, the Ranger Quadra becomes more portable than ever! It now weighs 2.2 lb than...

  • Elinchrom Style 250/500BRX Kit

    The Elinchrom BRX 250/500 To Go Kit is a portable strobe kit suitable for photographers on the road or in the studio. The kit includes one 250W/s BRX 250 and one 500W/s BRX 500 monolight, two light stands, a...

  • Interfit Home Studio EXD200 (110VAC)

    The Interfit Home Studio EXD200 (110VAC) is a lightweight, economical lighting kit that gives you a total of 400Ws of power in two monolights, 2 light stands, a 24" (60 cm) softbox, a translucent umbrella, sync...

  • Lastolite Ezybox HotShoe Kit (15'' x 15'') w/M2 Bracket

    The Ezybox Hotshoe with the all new Mark II bracket (LL LS2414) converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. The Ezybox Hotshoe folds flat for easy storage and...

  • Lastolite Mini TriFlip 8-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Kit - 18"

    The TriGrip replaces the traditional round reflector with a unique triangular design with a built-in handle.  The Mini TriFlip measures approximately 18" (46 cm) at its widest point and collapses down to 8" (20...

  • Lastolite Strobo Gobo kit

    The Lastolite Strobo Gobo Kit works with the Ezybox Hotshoe Strobo Bracket and the Direct to Flashgun Strobo Bracket to allow you to project patterns onto your subject or background. The system comes with a...

  • Lastolite Strobo Gobo Set of 3 Architectural Gobos

    The Lastolite Strobo Gobo Set of 3 Architectural Gobos allows you to project patterns onto backgrounds or walls using the Strobo Gobo accessory. Three metal gobos with outer diameters of 86 mm are included -...

  • Lastolite TriFlip 8 in 1 Grip Reflector Kit - 30"

    The Lastolite 30" TriFlip 8 in 1 Grip Reflector Kit begins with the 30" translucent TriGrip collapsible reflector with padded handle. The TriGrip is extremely useful, when shooting solo - without an assistant. The...

  • Profoto Snoot for OCF Flash Heads

    Snoot for OCF Flash Heads from Profoto is a lightweight glass fiber composite light-shaper that narrows the B2 Off-Camera Flash Head's beam into a soft-edged circle that can be used as a hair light or to add a...


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