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Shutter Releases & Cables

Canon 60-T3 Remote Switch

$59.99 $40.00

The Canon Remote Switch 60-T3 is an electronic cable release for use with the T70, T90, EOS 650, 620, 750, 850, 630, 1, RT, A2, A2e, 1N & 1N-RS cameras. It is handy for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to...

ioShutter Shutter Release Cable for Nikon DSLR

$69.99 $45.00

With the ioShutter Shutter Release Cable for Nikon DSLR from ioShutter you can use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to control the shutter on your Nikon DSLR camera. Take timelapse, bulb, or timer shots via your device...

ioShutter Shutter Release Cable With N3 Connector


With the ioShutter Shutter Release Cable with N3 Connector, you can use your underachieving device to control your DSLR camera--Timelapse, Bulb, Timer, Sound trigger and a ShakeToTake movement trigger.Using this 2.95' (90 cm) release cable and the free...

Manfrotto Sun Hood for the Digital Director


Convenient, portable, and easy-to-use, the Sunhood Compatible Digital Director expands the usability of your much-loved iPad. Get more from your favourite electronic accessory with this add-on that’s compatible with iPad Air and Air 2...

MicroSync II Motor Drive Cord for Nikon 10-Pin Cameras

$79.99 $50.00

This MicroSync Motor Drive Cord will allow you to fire a Nikon SLR with 10-pin remote socket wirelessly and remotely from up to 100 feet away using the MicroSync Digital Kit. One end connects to the camera's remote 10-pin cable socket, and the...

Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord

$39.99 $20.00

Enables remote firing of D80. Useful for releasing shutter remotely to reduce camera shake. Shutter can also be locked in Long Time Exposure (Bulb).The Nikon MC-DC1 is commonly used for Everyday, Home, Landscape photography, Macro photography, Night...



Converts standard ISO-type hot shoe to accept PC-type connection. Permits camera without PC outlet to trigger studio-type strobes.The Nikon AS-15 is commonly used for Family photos, Fill flash, Lighting, Photography, Sports/action, Tote along, Travel,...



Download images from your Nikon digital camera to your computer with the UC-E4 USB Cable for Nikon SLR Digital Cameras. This cable is a replacement for the USB cable that is shipped with most Nikon SLR Digital Cameras. It is approximately...



Provides direct connection of compatible Coolpix camera to computer via USB connection.The Nikon UC-E6 is commonly used for Everyday, Home, Travel and more.The Nikon UC-E6 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Casual user, Enthusiast...



Wireless remote camera control has never been easier. Instead of using conventional infrared transmission, the new WR-R10 and WR-T10 communicate via radio for increased range. Because radio transmission is used, communication is possible even with...

Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Receiver for Nikon


The Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Receiver for Canon offers four groups (A, B, C and D) and extended range to the already impressive functions of the original Phottix Strato. Four groups combined with four wireless channels allow photographers an...