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About Us

Austin Pittman - President | Jason Bedford -CEO | Steve Elkins - Executive Vice President

Bedford Camera & Video Founding Legacy.

Since 1974, Bedford Camera & Video has strived at being one of the top major retailers in the photography business. Located in the Central US, we have stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri that have kept customer service at the forefront.


Our founder, Stan Bedford lived by three principles—integrity, diligence, and follow-through—regardless of personal or business matters. He could ask himself the question, “At the end of the day, what kind of person are you?” and be comfortable with the answer. Living your personal life this way spills over into your professional life. Stan remembered something his father always told him, “Son, always remember you’re in the picture business.” Stan was proud of the people working for him. “I’ve assembled the greatest talent in the industry, which has been paramount to the success of Bedford Camera & Video” he said. “My honest desire is to treat them as I’d want to be treated if I were in their shoes.


People work here because they enjoy photography—and are recognized for all they do,” Stan added. He wouldn't open the stores on Sundays, explaining that it’s a day for family.


Stan Bedford passed away in 2014, but left the company in the hands of his son, Jason Bedford as CEO, and an executive staff filled with focused, inspired and forward-looking leadership. For 38 years, Jeff Beauchamp dedicated his service to our company leading our staff and direction through the years with a passion for high-level customer service and growing our marketing and online business to help turn our company into the thriving business it is today. During his tenure, Jeff made sure our direction was always moving forward, finding areas of need for our customers and providing different and effective services to maintain that level of success that Stan first instilled in our company. Jeff announced his retirement in 2021, and Austin Pittman took the helm as our new company president. Austin has worked to continue the legacy of the upholding and growing the business from a small regional camera store to a national brand. Our Executive Vice-President, Steve Elkins has ensured our stores and staff have the right equipment they need to do the job right - from store inventory to lab supplies, and so much more. Steve has worked tirelessly to ensure our photo finishing labs and services, like our photo-finishing website,, exceed expectations and that our staff is well equipped and knowledgable to provide a full-service experience. Come visit one of our stores, you might even see one of our executive staff behind the counter.


Over the years, we have expanded our company to include stores in the Tristate area of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, as well as our full-service website shipping nationwide at and our photofinishing website at

Putting Customers First - In-Store and Online

Bedford Camera & Video puts its customers first in a number of ways by maintaining genuine, lasting relationships with the customers that walk in the door and the ones who found us online. From emails, phone calls, and foot traffic in our retail stores, the open and friendly approach infused with that 'southern hospitality is what keeps people coming back again and again. "Whatever communication is used, we always strive to give it that personal touch... we make sure that customers are getting what they want, their purchase is current and packed as well as humanly possible."


As part of a well rounded photography experience, we offer a host of classes, demonstrations and photo walks to guide you through learning about your brand new camera to more advanced levels of photography and techniques. These classes are available in all of our stores throughout the year and can even set up a more individual type setting to better meet the needs of our customers on the times they require. In recent years, we've begun offering virtual classes and workshops with a wide variety of topics to ensuring convenience - all while still learning and growing in your photography experience.


All of our stores have also included top-of-the-line photo labs offering a wide array of printed products from photo books, posters and collages, to canvas wraps and metal prints as well as lab services and film processing. We want to showcase the power and importance of photographs and the moments in

time they represent by creating high-quality images that capture and convey your story. Looking to process your film, or found a few rolls stashed away in the attic, come see us or call us to see how we can help!


Our is staffed by those with a passion for photography and prided with exceptional customer service. Come see us in-store today, or visit our website and social media pages for constant updates, news, helpful tips, promotions and more.

Bedford Camera & Video Timeline

1974 - Our first location, Now home office, was opened in the heart of downtown Springdale, Arkansas.

1979 - Our first store expansion, opening in Rogers and Fort Smith, Arkansas

1996 - Opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas

2000 - Opened in Little Rock, Arkansas

2003 - Opened in North Little Rock Arkansas

2010 - Our E-Commerce business Launched with a revamped

2012 - Expanded our market across state lines, opening our first store in Oklahoma City, OK

2014 - Opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2015 - Expanded to the tri-state region, opening in Springfield, MO.