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Become 1

Become 1. Not just a title, but a message that if we all lived by, we would be stronger and better off as hunters today. A TV show which can be found on Sportsman Channel, MOTV, YouTube and more. A show with a cinematic value and storylines that will make you want to watch more. A show that celebrates and promotes working together to achieve common goals, the true meaning of a hunter and the values one can learn from being a hunter. 


Jason Matzinger

Ever since an early age Jason has possessed an uncommon passion for hunting, a passion that is as alive today as it was all those years ago. At an early age Jason was exposed to the great sport of hunting by his father Tim and his hunting partner George in his home state of Montana. Soon after graduating from High School, Jason started guiding big game hunters in Southwestern, Montana and soon realized what he was seeing on a day to day basis would rival anything that was currently being produced in the hunting industry. After his outfitter moved away Jason had a decision to make. That’s when he decided to start filming more seriously. Jason soon had filmed animal behavior that no one else had ever captured and major companies in the outdoor industry started to recognize that. Now 37, Jason has followed his passion and traveled the globe into some of the most highly sought after hunting in the world and is the hunter, filmmaker behind the series “Into High Country” that is now going into it’s seventh season on national television. In just a couple of years, Jason has been nominated for such awards as “Best New Series”, “Host of the Year”, and “Best Big Game” by The Sportsman Channels, Sportsman Choice Awards. Now with his latest film “#PROJECTELK”, Jason is pioneering a new path in hunting television that you are not going to want to miss out on...


The Bearded Buck

The Bearded Buck is an outdoor entertainment company located in Western Pennsylvania. Developed nearly a decade ago, Jerry Tibbott, The Bearded Buck has become a lifestyle brand. We dedicate ourselves to being wildlife managers and land stewards. 

Jerry has always said, "Although one's name is on the deed to a piece of property, ultimately the hard work we put into our habitat and wildlife management is not just for our own satisfaction, but for the satisfaction of knowing that future generations will also be able to enjoy and carry on this lifestyle that we have become accustomed to." 

The Bearded Buck also prides itself in delivering fans the highest quality content. As a truly unique group of individuals, we bring all our talents together to form a team like none other. We grew up living the "It's All About Gobbles And Grunts" lifestyle. Through future ventures with new friends and partners, we intend to broaden our horizons. We will be expanding to live the "hunting and outdoor lifestyle" to its fullest. Who are we to turn down a hunt for any species, especially with great friends. We will always remember our roots that are planted so deeply in deer and turkey hunting. With that being said, we are The Bearded Buck.


Pure Hunting

Willi Schmidt and his co-hosts, Randy and Chris, hunt the way the majority of hunters across the country hunt.  They enjoy showing that "Pure Hunting" opportunities still exist for those willing to put in a little more effort.  It's about the adventure, camaraderie and authentically telling the whole story of the hunt, as it actually happens, good or bad.  This is Pure Hunting.


Primal | Divide

Primal | Divide takes you on the hunt!   Created in 2016, host of AWTV, John “Utah” Mulligan, a seasoned bowhunter and owner of Johnny Utah Creative, merges his passion and talents documenting the outdoors through a personal perspective.  Airing on YouTube and CarbonTV, follow the adventures parallel to the current season through a bowhunter lifestyle.  A creative approach as director of photography/videography and hunter can get wild and that is Primal | Divide!



AdVANture Hunter

Jim Kinsey/ Founder/ Host

Jim Kinsey has been contributing footage to clients’ unique content needs in vision and broadcast production for 21 years. His experience with filming and video production includes feature films starring Steve Baldwin, National Geographic’s “Ultimate Explorer”, The History Channel, Discovery, and Animal Planet, plus many more. 

Jim conceptualized and executive produced Skull Bound TV, a reality based television series, showcasing outdoor adventures and unique personal encounters, all while relaying the importance of conservation. The show aired weekly on the Sportsman Channel, Monday nights at 8:30PM EST and 11:00PM EST. (9 years 3.6M HH)

Jim’s professional experience also includes executive producing and directing Outdoor Weekly, titled sponsored by Shell Rotella, on CarbonTV. Outdoor Weekly was the number one show on CarbonTV for two years running.  His expertise comes into play in every landscape, whether filming dangerous-game in the bush of Tanzania, or stalking polar bears across the wind swept ice of the Arctic Ocean. 

In his down time, when not shooting or editing, Jim indulges in his hobby of song writing and beat-making. He writes and co-writes songs with many of today’s leading artists. With several albums and singles to his name, many of his songs can be found across all digital platforms.


About Brandon Nelson - AVH Co-Host

With over 20 years immersed in outdoor adventures, Brandon Nelson, has traveled all over the globe surfing, snowboarding, hunting and fishing the most rugged and remote locations.

Emerging from one of the leading outdoor videography companies, GoPro, Brandon has an extensive background of documenting the world's greatest athletes. Combined with the experiences at GoPro, and a family history of ranching and farming, Brandon is equipped as the ultimate adventure scene representative.

Hailing from the central coast of California, he has built a reputation encompassing the nomadic, van-lifestyle. While working as a producer at GoPro, Brandon made the decision to convert his first van. He has since built one of the most successful van conversion companies in the world, AdVANture Company, offering customizable builds to meet clients’ specific needs.

Currently known for filming and producing outdoor adventure films, as well as advocating for sustainable lifestyles, Brandon will soon embark on a life of new AdVANtures. 


About the Show

ADVANTURE HUNTER is a new, action-packed television series that

unveils the nomadic & sustainable lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and heart stopping experiences all while living & traveling in ruggedly kitted out Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

Follow Jim and Brandon as they chronicle the splendor and beauty of our natural world. Jaw- dropping footage is captured from California’s “Big Sur” coastline, to the snow capped peaks of Montana, and into the deep colorful coral reefs of the Hawaiian Islands.

The first season takes viewers on a journey into the realms of big wave surfing, hiking dangerous avalanche-prone backcountry, and spearing in shark infested oceans. 

Alongside Jim and Brandon, viewers will be taught amazing recipes by world famous celebrities, wild game chefs, and more. The men will be joined by the top influencers and icons such as Chris Burkard, Shane Dorian, & Manny Puig on the search for unforgettable experiences.

Join Jim and Brandon as they live and breathe for the next AdVANture. Traveling in converted vans, both men advocate sustainability, and share the  untold stories from every walk of life.