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Cleaning Supplies

Edwal Hypo Check (Liquid) - 3/4 Oz.

$9.99 $5.00

Edwal Hypo Check tests your fix solution for exhaustion due to silver saturation.  One or two drops will test the fixer and, if the fixers still OK, no harm has been done to the bath.  If the addition of Hypo-Chek produces a cloudy...

Promaster Deluxe Camera Care Kit


This handy cleaning kit comes in a weatherproof storage box with built in neck strap. Perfect for the active photographer. 5-Piece kit includes: • Cleaning Fluid • Cleaning Tissue • Microfiber Cloth • Cleaning Swabs • Ultra Soft...

Promaster Lenz Cleaning Cloth


The PROMASTER LenZ Cleaning Cloth is a special, high-density treated fabric packaged in a unique weatherproof lens-shaped holder. The handy carabiner clip lets you attatch to your camera case, belt, purse or other location so that it is handy and ready...

Purosol Optical Cleaner- 2 oz


Purosol Optical Cleaner - Using cutting-edge technology that is environmentally friendly, enzyme-based Purosol is the first product of its kind to clean at the molecular level - neutralizing the bonds that dust, dirt, oil, and grime use to adhere to...