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Help & FAQs


Q: How does the rental process work and what are the rates?

A: Our rental rates vary depending on what item is rented and the time frame in which it is rented. If you would like to rent camera equipment, you would need to call the store location you are wanting to rent from. From there you let them know what you are wanting to rent and for how long and they will give you the price then. If you are wanting to rent equipment, make sure to request it at least 2 days in advance to make sure it is available at the time you will need it.

Q: My camera is broken, can you fix it?

A: Sorry to hear about your camera. You can bring it into our stores and have one of our associates take a look at it. If we can’t fix it in house we can send it off to the manufacturer for $25. They will take a look at it, identify the problem and what it will cost to fix it, and then send us back a quote. From there you can decide whether you’d like to go through with the repair.  

Q: Do you transfer VHS to DVD?

A: Yes, we do transfer VHS to DVD. It is $24.99 each. If you transfer 10 or more the price is $19.99 each.

Q: Do you offer payment plans or financing options?

A: Yes we do! If you come in the store you can fill out an application for a payment plan. The plans are either 6-months no interest or 12-months no interest depending on the purchase price.

Q: Do you clean cameras? What would cost be?

A: We do offer sensor cleanings for $99, or an external clean for $25. If you bring it in to be cleaned it will take 2-3 days. 

Q: Do you offer video editing?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer any video editing services. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Do you do trade-ins or buy back used equipment?

A: We do purchase used equipment. When we purchase it, we can apply that as store credit which can be used to purchase new items or if there is nothing you are looking to buy we will pay you with a check or gift card(pending manager approval). If you bring your used gear you were looking to trade into our store we would be happy to take a look at it!

Q: Do you convert 8mm Film to DVD?

A: Yes, we can convert 8mm film to DVD. There is a $29.99 set-up fee plus an additional 20 cents per foot (minimum $10 a roll). In total in comes out to be around $39.99 plus tax per roll. If you would like to have this done, just bring the film into our store and we will be happy to do that for you!

Q: Do you still transfer film negatives to disks?

A: Yes, we can transfer film negatives to disc. The price is $10-$12, depending on the type of film, to process and place on a CD.

Q: Do you scan photos to digital?

A: Yes we do scan photos to digital. It is 39 cents a photo, to scan the images yourself at a kiosk. If you would like us to scan your photos for you it is $1 a photo.

Q: How much is 35mm film roll development?

A: We charge $5 a roll to process it only. It is $15 to process and print each.

Q: Do you scan photographs? Can you put them on Flash Drives or CDs?

A: Like we mentioned above, we do photograph scanning. If you scan them it is 39 cents a scan or you can leave them with us to scan and it is $1 a scan. We also have a legacy box deal that you can buy in the store. It is a set price for one box of photos, and we scan them for you. Depending on how many photos you have it is Small =$60, Medium= $80, Large= $200. If you have quite a few prints to scan the legacy box can save you some money. We can also put them on flash drives for you, or we can place it on a CD.

Q: Can you recover images on a memory card?

A: We do offer memory card recovery. It is $25 if we successfully recover the files. However, sometimes it is unsuccessful. In that case we will give you the card back and there will be no charge. 

Q: Do you collect sales tax?

A: By law, we are required to collect and remit sales tax in the following states:  Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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