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Gird List
  • 100. Camera Essentials - Tulsa

    First time digital camera owners learn what it takes to become comfortable exploring their new cameras in this class. We discuss basic camera functions, equipment care, shooting tips, and printing options. “Camera...

  • 103. Photographic Techniques - Tulsa

    This class will dive in head first on advanced exposure and shooting techniques. We will also discuss tips and tricks on how to handle common subjects such as portrait, nature, sports photography and common photographic...

  • 202. Understanding Light: Portraits with Flash - Tulsa

    Flash photography can be intimidating at first and is sometimes avoided because of the initial obstacles. We’ll show you basic camera and flash settings to make your indoor and outdoor portraits. The workshop...

  • 302. Adobe Lightroom - Develop Your Images I - Tulsa

    Choose your best shots and then jump right into the develop module where you’ll learn easy and effective tools to enhance your images with Adobe Lightroom. Take those average photo and make them POP! Bringing a laptop...

  • 301. Adobe Lightroom - Workflow: Import, Organize, Export - Tulsa

    Adobe Lightroom is a very efficient and broad image processing app. This workshop is designed to get you comfortable using the features of the software and begin to understand workflow. You learn the foundational skills in...

  • 101. Digital Photography I: Better Photos Made Easy- Tulsa

    Learn what makes a great picture POP! In Digital Photography I, we will start from ground zero and cover basic camera functions, composition, the principles of light, and archiving. We will also cover basic photographic...

  • 102. Introduction to Exposure - Tulsa

    Get out of the Auto modes and take the next step in gaining the foundational skills to become a great photographer!  This class will cover the principles of light and exposure including shutter speed, aperture, ISO,...

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