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Join us for an immersive two-day photography workshop with renowned Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey and Sony influencers Alex Kent and Tony Herbert! 

Location: St. Cripin’s near Wewoka, Oklahoma

Date: March 1st and 2nd

Unlock your photography potential in the serene landscapes of Wewoka as we delve into a unique learning experience. Over the course of two days, gain valuable insights from Patrick Murphy-Racey, known for his exceptional work as a Sony Artisan, and get inspired by the creative perspectives of Sony influencers Alex Kent and Tony Herbert.

Workshop Highlights:

  • In-depth sessions on photography techniques, storytelling, and post-processing.
  • Exclusive access to the latest Sony camera gear, including hands-on experience with the all-new Sony a9MKIII and 300mm lens.
  • Personalized guidance and feedback from industry experts.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow photography enthusiasts.
  • Explore additional gear from Sony, Benro, Promaster, and Westcott.
  • Exclusive discounts for attendees.
  • One night's lodging and four meals included in the workshop fee.

Classes and Workshops Include:

  • Light Painting
  • Macro Photography
  • Landscape Workshop
  • Post Production Techniques
  • Lighting Action Shots
  • Adobe Photoshop Workshop
  • Lens Choice Classes
  • And more!

Workshop Fee: $700.00 Includes 4 meals and one nights lodging at St. Crispin

Secure your spot for this enriching photography experience! Immerse yourself in a weekend of creativity, surrounded by like-minded photography enthusiasts. Limited spaces available.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your photography skills and explore the incredible features of Sony's cutting-edge equipment in the picturesque surroundings of St. Crispin’s. See you there! 

  March 1st-

10am – 12pm Alex Kent  “Lens Choice: Focal Length, Styles, & Why”

12pm – 1pm Lunch (provided)

1pm- 3:30pm  Patrick Murphy-Racey “Action Shooting Techniques” Alex and Tony assist

3:31 pm-6pm  Tony Herbert “Landscapes” Patrick and Alex assist

6pm – 7pm Dinner (Provided)

7pm- 9pm Casual Portfolio Reviews by Patrick Murphy-Racey and Alex Kent

       Light Painting with Tony Herbert

        Tony Krup Macro Class

March 2nd

 8am – 9am Breakfast (provided)

9am- 10:30 am Patrick Murphy-Racey Photo Mechanic Post Production Work

         Alex Kent & Tony Herbert Landscape Workshop

10:31 am– 12pm Alex Kent “Adobe Lighroom Classic’s Amazing Masking Tools”

            Tony Herbert and Patrick Murphy-Racey Lighting Action Shots

12pm- 1pm Lunch (provided)

1pm – 3pm Tony Herbert “Adobe Photoshop Workshop”

         Patrick Murphy-Racey and Alex Kent Hands-On Workshop




Meet your Instructors!


Class Title: Landscapes

Class Description:

Join Tony Hebert as we explore the nuances of capturing and post processing landscape images as well as artificially lit nightscape images!
Bio: Tony Hebert
Tony Hebert is a working, professional photographer who has lived behind a camera for the past 25 years.  Tony owns and operates his private company, 319 Photography - the namesake of which is a nod to his loving and supporting wife Jeanelle. The "319" represents the day Tony married Jeanelle: March 19.
Tony's love and passion for photography began in high school when he took Photography I as an elective because the class was taught by his then Track & Field coach and Tony assumed it would be an "easy A."  Tony's assumption was far from reality when he discovered that his coach was a passionate photographer who was even more passionate about teaching photography. It was not an "easy A."  This began Tony's love affair with photography and in his early 20's Tony began working professionally when he produced images for the State of Oklahoma's Tourism and Recreation Department.  
Tony now travels, capturing and producing his own images, teaching successful photography workshops, and exhibiting in galleries and arts festivals across the United States where he sells his work. Tony's work has won awards and he has been published in different avenues, notably in Astronomy Magazine. Tony is a Sony shooter and proud to be an ambassador for Bedford Camera & Video and Move Shot Move star trackers.
Visit Tony's website at to learn more about Tony!


Class Title: Action Shooting Techniques:

Class Description:

March 1, 1-3:30p:
PM-R will present some quick tips on capturing the peak moment of action using the Sony A1 and A9III cameras with the new 300GM lens and other glass like the 135mm f/1.8GM, 70-200mm f/2.8GMII, and the 400GM.  We will be on the obstacle course with athletes running and jumping so there will be ongoing opportunities to shoot in each situation as we move through the course.  This will be an all available light session where we will mainly shoot backlit (pm-r’s favorite) with telephoto lenses.  Non-Sony shooters are most welcome but we will have some loaner gear for you to try Sony if you choose.

March 2, 10:30a-12pp:
This session will build on the first one but we will introduce shooting with strobes in the obstacle course.  We will be setting up situations where we will shoot action with the new Sony A9III camera and 300GM lens but with high speed strobes added to the mix.  This portion of the workshop will also be sponsored by FJ Westcott and we will be using their FJ400 units with sport reflectors.  With the FJ400 units, we will create our own unique light that is fast enough to allow the use of 1/3000th sec shutter speeds WITH flashes at the same speed.  We can turn day into night if we want and really explore the athletes in a new light.  The new A9III is a 100% unique camera with no equals as the internal global shutter allows shutter speeds way beyond what is normal in pro cameras and allows flash synchronization at any shutter speed.  The images we produce in this class will be totally unique because of the groundbreaking tech in the A9III.

Bio: Patrick Murphy-Racey

Sony Artisan of Imagery Patrick Murphy-Racey earned his B.A., in Photojournalism from Marquette University.  PM-R’s 36 year career has been only and always about photography.  Murphy-Racey has seen a great variety of assignments since his start in newspapers, through the peak years of being a magazine freelancer, his tenure as a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated, and into the corporate and industrial world of annual reports and advertising.  While his assignments are varied and come from many different sources, photojournalism is his first love and constantly informs every assignment.  Ever the chameleon, Murphy-Racey’s career is a long series of re-inventions and rebirths, but the visual storytelling remains the same, even as the tools change. From 4x5 to 8K, he’s technically inclined, and loves making great images.  Patrick is more than competent covering just about any assignment, but his specialties include dramatic and creative use of strobe & LED lighting, sports action photography, environmental portraits, and powerful, well-lit UHD interview video production.  PM-R shoots both stills as well as motion and is always asking, “What’s next?”



Class Title: Focal Lengths, Styles, and Why

Class Description:

Lens choice can dramatically affect the look of your images and can be an important factor easily overlooked. This presentation will delve into different types of lenses, their functions, use, and overall style they can achieve across a variety of subject matter. We will also discuss when you would choose one lens over another, different creative considerations, and desired outcomes. All skill levels are welcome.

Bio: Alex Kent

Alex's passion for photography has spanned well over two decades now. His photographic interests are broad ranging from travel, adventure, and nature to architecture, abstract, and portraiture. With over 17 years of professional teaching experience across a broad range of age demographics he brings an approachable methodology to his presentations. He’s an avid outdoorsman and child-at-heart. You may find him lying in the brush, submerged chest deep in water or even climbing a tree to “get the shot”. Alex currently serves as President of the Arkansas Outdoor Photographer's Club (AOPC) and works as a commercial photographer, educator, speaker, and guide. You can view his work and more at




Class Title: Mastering Macro Photography

Class Description:

Join Tony Krup from Sony on an exciting journey into the mesmerizing world of macro photography! The Mastering Macro Photography class is designed to equip photography enthusiasts of all levels with the essential skills and knowledge required to capture stunning close-up images.

Course Highlights:

1 Introduction to Macro Photography: Discover the fundamentals of macro photography, including its principles, benefits, and unique challenges. Understand the significance of composition, lighting, and perspective in capturing captivating close-up shots.
2 Essential Equipment: Gain insights into the gear required for macro photography, from macro lenses and extension tubes and lighting accessories. Learn how to choose the right equipment based on your subjects and creative vision.
3 Focus and Depth of Field: Master the art of achieving sharp focus and managing depth of field in macro photography. Explore various focusing techniques, including manual and autofocus, and understand the impact of aperture on depth of field.
4 Subject Selection and Composition: Develop an eye for selecting compelling macro subjects and explore techniques to create visually appealing compositions. Understand the importance of background, color, texture, and perspective in crafting impactful macro images.
5 Creative Macro Techniques: Dive into advanced macro techniques, such as focus stacking, and abstract macro photography. Experiment with creative approaches to push the boundaries of traditional macro photography and unleash your artistic vision.

By the end of this macro photography class, you will have honed your skills to capture breathtaking macro images, revealing the hidden beauty of the miniature world around us. Join us on this captivating exploration and unlock the full potential of macro photography to create images that mesmerize and inspire.


The location!


Located in central Oklahoma, St. Crispin’s Conference Center + Camp features nearly 500 acres of wooded, rolling hills with three beautiful, spring fed lakes. With over 50 years of experience, St. Crispin’s is the perfect setting for a conference, retreat or pleasant outdoor experience.  

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